Residential Power Saver Unit

Ozwide Power Strategies – ES-1 R (Smart Energy Saver)

Designed for Home and Commercial use to ensure best possible energy saving.

This ES-1R unit incorporates a 20V stepdown transformer which means that the unit is taking in 240 Volts and reducing it by 20Volts which in turn gives a 15-16% saving on the bills.

Tried and tested to verify these savings by SGS Melbourne who are a NATA approved Lab.

The Smart Power Saver unit will also increase the power quality in your home by removing harmonics caused by computers and other electronics, motors run cooler and more efficiently.
The Smart Electricity Saver understands power consumption and sets the capacitance saving level.

It’s energy consumption monitor allows energy use to be optimised in real time with a Bluetooth connection.

This unit has been designed for load fluctuations and maximises in-phase energy.

This intelligent monitoring increases potential energy savings at low and at peak energy demand levels.


  • Energy saving up to 16%
  • Complete home surge suppression
  • Reduced heat from appliances
  • Increased life of inductive motors including air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, HVACs systems and more

Model No. ES-1 Smart Power Saver
Voltage/System 240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 300 x 200 x 120 (mm), Wall Mounting
Max. Current 14 AMP
Max. Power 3.3 kVAr


Celec – ES- 1

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COOLNOMIX AC -01® can save you an average 40% on air-conditioners and an average 30% savings on refrigerators
OZWIDE POWER STRATEGIES are official distributors with COOLNOMIX® that has an Internationally patented called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) which has two key processes:

  • Delivery of the required fixed-minimum space temperature
  • Optimization of the running-time of the compressor to minimize energy consumption
  • Since the compressor consumes about 95% of all the energy used by a cooling system, ORS®’s minimization of its running time delivers world beating energy savings.

Air conditioning saving

COOLNOMIX AC-01® delivers these awesome savings through being retro-fitted to existing air-conditioners of any size and any kind in which the refrigerant is used to cool the air directly. Retrofitting takes about one hour to complete and there are zero maintenance requirements. COOLNOMIX AC-01® is already delivering energy savings around the world on:

  • Commercial split-type air-conditioners (e.g. wall mounted and cassette based)
  • Package based and double expansion (DX) units up to the largest sizes available
  • Ducted air-conditioners with AHU’s
  • Inverter based (VRV and VRF) air-conditioners
  • Even inverter based (VRV and VRF) air-conditioners are enjoying an average 40% saving!

Refrigeration savings

COOLNOMIX AR-01® delivers these awesome savings through being retrofitted to existing refrigerators of any size and any kind. Retrofitting takes about two hours to complete and there are zero maintenance requirements. COOLNOMIX AR-01® is already delivering energy savings around the world on:

  • Industrial refrigerators used in the Manufacturing sector; e.g. food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals
  • Walk-in refrigerators used in the Food and Beverage sector
  • Retail sector refrigerators; vegetable and dairy display units; cold drink cabinets
  • Wine warehousing refrigeration

Additional benefits

Apart from the fantastic energy and cost savings delivered by COOLNOMIX® there are further benefits from its operation:

  • Improved space temperature stability for all situations and tighter compliance with food safety or wine quality standard certifications for refrigerators.
  • Elimination of dripping from air-conditioners.
  • Elimination of icing, thereby removing the need for de-icing cycles on refrigerators.



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