COOLNOMIX® Rental Options

To help your business generate immediate savings, we offer three simple rental plans, eliminating the hassles of asset ownership, the initial payback period, and those dreaded capex budgets.

Rent COOLNOMIX® for a flat fee and start saving straight away.  That means you’re cashflow positive right from the start. Our plans start from as low as $15/month, and are based on the size of your air-conditioning units.  Contact us to discuss today COOLNOMIX® can help your business save.

Free Trial Period

We are so confident that you’ll love the savings that we are happy to extend a free two months trial period with every new rental plan.  If you return your COOLNOMIX® unit in good condition we will simply cancel your plan at no extra charge. Contact us for more details.

Calculating the Savings

Say you have a 50kW packaged air conditioning unit, which:

  • is rated at 15kW input power
  • cools for 9 months of the year
  • running 14 hours a day
  • at 40% usage rate
  • at an average electricity rate of A$0.18/kWh.

Your annual running cost is approximately $4,139 per year (15kW x 14 hrs x 365/12×9 x 40% x 0.18).  At 25% savings, COOLNOMIX® would deliver savings of $1,035 per annum.

The larger your unit, the longer the hours, the more expensive the power, the better the savings.  We’ll work through the calculation Contact us for more details.

Energy Monitoring

It’s amazing how many times we’ve found unexpected gremlins in air-conditioning installations when we have analysed the power use profiles.

We have found short cycling compressors due to poor thermostat positioning, units working all night due to decommissioned timers, to name a few.

If you suspect your installation isn’t working as well as it should, talk to us about installing an energy monitor for a month of two.  We’ll send you a report and recommendations that may save you a fortune.


For multiple units, we also offer an option to purchase COOLNOMIX®.  Contact us for more details.