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OZ Wide Power Electroserv

OZ Wide Power Electroserv’s Automatic Power Factor Correction systems are based on many years’ experience with the application and installation of automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment in Australia. OZ Wide Power Electroserv design and manufacture over 100,000 kVAr of low voltage Power Factor Correction equipment in Australia, designed, built and tested in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance system.

Quality Assurance

ISO9001 – Approved Quality standards for Design, Manufacture, Testing, installation, servicing and commissioning Power Factor Correction equipment. License No. QEC20563
IEC 831 – Part 1 and 2 – Manufacturing Standard for Power Factor Correction Capacitors
AS 1013 – 1971 – Shunt Capacitors – (old standard, where applicable only)
AS 3000 – 2000 – Wiring rules
AS 3008 – 1.1.2009 – Selection of Cables for Electrical Installations
AS 2005 – Fuses
AS 1028 – Reactors and Transformers
ISO 9000 – Quality standards
Local Supply Authority – Service and installation Rules


The (kVAr) rating of the Electroserv Pty Ltd Systems are based on: –
Volts – 415 Volts (+10%)
Phase – 3 Phase plus Earth + Neutral
Frequency – 50 Hz
Temperature – 45ºC Maximum Ambient


The basis of the Electroserv Pty Ltd design is safety and reliability.
All equipment is front accessible and modular in construction
A freestanding sheet steel, powder coated cubicle is supplied to house all

Forced ventilation, designed to extract air from the top of the cubicle via base screened vents is included. Two High reliability ball bearing cooling fans,
thermostat controlled, are mounted in the roof and provide a minimum airflow
rate of 1500m3/h total. Highest quality capacitors are mounted in a separate enclosure, attached to the standard enclosure. This cubicle is separately ventilated.


Rating kVAr @ 415V Standard Steps
kVAr Cubicle
Dimensions H x W x D mm Notes
25 – 150
[2×25] – [2 x 25+ 2 50kVAr] 1000 x 600 x 300
1,200 x 600 x 450
Complete with
Main Switch/Circuit Breaker
Max – 250
5 x 50 kVAr 1,875 x 600 x 450 300kVAr max with
Main Switch/Circuit Breaker
400kVAr – No
Max – 450 kVAr 9 x 50 kVAr 2,000 x 910 x 550 400kVAr max with
Main Switch/Circuit Breaker 450kVAr – No Main Switch
> 500 – 900 kVAr 10 – 18 x 50 kVAr 2,000 x 1820 x 550 900kVAr max
No Main Switch/Circuit Breaker


Rating Up to 75 kVAr

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Rating Up to 150 kVAr

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Rating Up to 250 kVAr

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Rating Up to 450 kVAr

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Rating Up to 900 kVAr

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