How it Works

What is Power Factor Correction?

As well as the power that is used in equipment (heating, lighting, driving motors), known as real power, a site may also draw power which is not directly used, known as reactive power. The combination of two is known as apparent power. Power Factor is the relationship between real and apparent power (kVA). If your site has a poor power factor, you could be paying for energy that cannot be used.

When you pay for a latte, the last thing you want is more froth than coffee. The same thing can be said about power. Froth on a latte is like wasted energy.


How does Power Factor impact my business energy cost?

Taking control of and monitoring Power Factor can lead to reduced kVA demand and therefore reduced electricity costs. Improving Power Factor can lead to savings on your business electricity bill.

Installing Power Factor Correction Equipment can be a cost effective measure to reduce your electricity bill. OZ Wide Power – Electro Serv has delivered Power Factor Correction projects with short payback periods, in some cases approximately one year.

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Benefits of OZ Wide Power’s – Electro Serv Power Factor correction service can include:

Reduced cost: Reduction in kVA demand and therefore electricity costs.
Equipment life: Extend the life of your equipment.
Compliance: Compliance with regulatory codes.
Expansion: More power available for site expansion without the need for new switchboards and cable.