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Over the last few years our power bills have rocketed by over 60% and by the year 2030 it is forecast to rise by up to 300% from what it was in 2010.

Many families will struggle to pay their quarterly electricity bills even though they have done the right thing and cut back on usage as much as they can.

You will have seen TV and other news reports that these price hikes are inevitable due to the Government’s privatisation of our electrical suppliers.

Business owners are also being hit with a “ secret penalty “ which is payable by businesses who have a Low Power Factor.

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Independently Tested in Australia –

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Why Us?

  • Reduces your Electricity Bill by up to 26%
  • Reduces the electromagnetic fields around your appliances
  • Surge suppression protects your computer and sensitive office equipment
  • Lowers operating temperature for electric motors
  • Prolongs life of electrical equipment which means lower maintenance costs

Power Factor Correction

Click to view this presentation
Click to view this presentation

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ergonlogoAttention Ergon Engery Business customers – check your electricity bills for ‘Tariff 22’ Large Charges, any business that has air conditioners or Cool rooms we can show you how to reduce your Electricity Bills.
Super markets / Service Stations / Convenience Stores / Fast Food Outlets / Caravan Parks / Hotels / Motels Clubs / Restaurants..

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